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Vendor Information

First and foremost, we are thrilled that you want to join us as a vendor at one of our craft markets. Please read through the Vendor FAQ’s and when you are ready, the vendor application can be found below. 

We can’t wait to have you as a vendor at an upcoming market. 

Vendor FAQ's

How much is a booth and what is included?
Booth spaces are $40 for a 10×10 space and do not include any tables, chairs, etc. We do provide snacks, drinks, and lunch for all vendors on the day of the market and have a full staff on hand to make sure things go smoothly. 
When are my booth fees due?
Payment is due upon acceptance of your application. Booth spaces are reserved only when payment is received. We do not issue a refund if you cancel unless we have a waitlist and your space is filled with someone on that list. Please check your calendars and confirm availability prior to reserving your space. 
Can I get more than 1 space or share with someone else?
Yes. If you want more than one space, you will let us know on the application. Fees will be $40 per 10×10 space.  If you want to share a space with someone else, that is fine as well, just note on the application what will be sold by both parties occupying the booth space. 
Why would my application be denied?
Your application could be denied because we have an excess of vendor booths that sell similar items to yours or because in the case of direct marketing vendors, we have someone with that brand already setting up. We do allow for instance 2 tumbler makers , but will only allow 1 vendor booth of any particular direct marketing company such as Pampered Chef, Scentsy…etc. We also reserve the right to deny applications based on non-payment of prior year fees. 
What time is setup and teardown
Setup begins 2 hours prior to the opening of the craft market to the public. If more time is needed for you to set up, please let us know and we will try to make arrangements for you to set up earlier. All vendors are expected to be completely set up by the time the market opens. You may begin tearing down as soon as the market ends, but are asked to stay open until the end time. 
Can I bring my tent the day before and set it up?
Unfortunately not. We are a business operating 7 days a week at this location and as such we do not allow for setup before the day of the event. However, we do have space available inside if you want to bring any heavy items such as a tent, tables..etc the day before and leave them overnight to make setup easier the day of. We do not allow any products to be left overnight, and only large setup items will be allowed to be stored with us. 
Where exactly will booths be set up?
Vendor booths are set up in the large grassy area in front of the store directly in view of 10th St and Thompson . Depending on the number of booths setting up, we have also used the section of the parking lot closest to 10th St. and the covered are that the drive-thru occupied. 
How many spaces are available?
We have space for 50 booths. Some previous markets have sold out and in those instances, we do keep a waitlist. 
How will I know where to go the day of?
All booth spaces will be clearly marked and a map will be shared prior to the day of the market so you will know the general area you will be in. When you arrive in the morning for setup, you will check in as you arrive and we have staff who will direct you where to unload, where your booth space is located, and where you should park once unloaded. 
Can I be placed next to my friend or choose my space?
We do not allow for choosing of your spots.  But not to worry, all vendors will have good exposure. We spend quite a bit of time strategically planning booth layouts to allow for easy browsing, visibility, not grouping like vendors next to one another, and other factors (such as not having a food vendor next to someone who makes room sprays). 

 If you and a friend are both setting up and want to be next to one another, please make a note of it on your application and we will do our very best to place you together. 

Where do the vendors park?
All vendors will be asked to keep the parking lot cleared for shoppers. In past years, vendors have parked in the area behind the store and in the auxillery parking area at Jeffersonville High School. More details on parking will be shared for your particular market prior to the event. 
What happens if the weather is bad?
We hold the market rain or shine and will only reschedule or cancel the market in cases of severe weather. If severe weather does happen to affect the market, we will attempt to reschedule with vendor input or in an extreme case, will cancel and refund vendors. 
Are there bathrooms and other facilities available?
Of course! We have bathroom facilities in the store that will be open to vendors the day of the event. We also have a breakroom with a refrigerator and microwave should you need it. We do ask you be considerate of others and limit what you put in the refrigerator.  
Is there power available for the booths?
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to provide electric for the booths. You are welcome to bring a generator, but please let us know ahead of time if you plan to bring one so that we can plan booths accordingly so that the generator does not disturb other vendors. 
How close can I get to my space for setup?
All vendors will be able to get close to their booth area for setup. To allow for that and to help setup go smoothly, all vendors will be asked to pull in near their spot, unload, and then immediately move their car to the parking before beginning their setup. We have found that this allows for everyone to have an easy experience unloading and keeps everyone from having to carry anything too far. We are very strict on this and will have people watching for cars that are not actively unloading. 
2024 Spring Craft Market

The Spring craft market will be on TBD. 

Vendor applications will be available as soon as a date is solidified and can be filled out using the button below. 

2024 Holiday Kick Off Craft Market

Our Holiday Market will be held on November 2, 2024. 

Applications will be accepted beginning in July. Please check back closer to July for an exact date. 

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